Daily Khinalig Tour


Baku, Quba

Duration of tour: 11 hours
Length of the route: 438 km
Pick-up & Drop-off: Old Town entrance
Price : 53$

Tour program:

09:00 - Meeting with the guide at the entrance of the Old Baku (Qosha Qala Qapisi - Twin Gates) and starting the trip to Guba – it is 1,5-hour way to Guba; Guba is located on the Eastern end of the Caucasus mountains, which was part of the Caucasus Albania Empire (IV BC – VII AD). There were 26 tribes in this empire. Today remains of these tribes (Ketish, Haput, Lezgin, Tat, c\Cek, etc) live in the northern part of Azerbaijan. All these nations preserved their language, culture, traditions till today.
After arriving in Guba continue to Khinalig village (1 hour); Khinalig is an ancient Azerbaijan village on top of the Grand Caucasus Mountains going back to the Caucasus Albanian period. It is the highest settlement in Europe. Citizens of the village call themselves Ketish and considering themselves sons of Noah, who was able to survive from the flood.
Walking through the narrow streets of the village will make you feel like you are in the early Middle Ages. Since the village is located on a mountain, the houses have almost no yards. The roof of the house below is used as the yard of the house above. During the walking observing Grand Caucasus Mountains Summits around the village. Visiting the museum in the village.
Driving back to Baku; End of the program