Daily Gobustan and Mud Volcano Tour



Duration of tour: 5 hours
Length of the route: 130 km
Pick-up & Drop-off: Old Town entrance
Price : 29$

Tour program:

09:00 - Meeting with the guide at the entrance of the Old Baku (Qosha Qala Qapisi - Twin Gates) and starting to the tour. 1 hour drive to mud volcano near Gobustan – mud volcano is landform created by the eruption of mud, water and gases on the hill which is located 8 km from the highway. Several geological processes may cause the formation of mud volcanoes. Mud volcanoes do not produce hot lava. The Earth continuously exudes a mud – like substance. 
Visiting Gobustan National Park (under UNESCO protection): Gobustan is an open sky museum on rocky mountains on the Caspian Seaside. Primary people carved their daily lifestyles on rocks. There are more than 6000 carvings on the rocks near the Caspian Seaside.
Driving back to Baku: on the way visiting Bibiheibat Mosque – one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan. The existing structure, built in the 1990s, is a recreation of the mosque with the same name built in the 13th century by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II, which was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936.